This is a reminder to KCC members (news perhaps to some ?) that there was a change to the entry conditions for the 2017 Sportive Kinross and future years.

Because the Sportive Kinross struggles to get enough KCC Members volunteering to help run the sportive a proposal was suggested in Jan 2017 that KCC members must volunteer once in a "rolling" three years period, to allow them to take part in any future Sportive Kinross.

This proposal was included in the AGM Agenda (posted on website 26th Feb), and was voted on and passed by those who attended the AGM on the 1st March. The minutes for the AGM can be found here AGM 2017 Minutes

As the 2017 Sportive was after the AGM vote the list of the volunteers for the 2017 sportive were the first to complete their "rolling once in 3 years volunteering” commitment.

In 2019 those members who were members whilst the 2017 & 2018 Sportive took place and who did not volunteer in either of them will not be approved for Members entry into the 2019 Sportive Kinross. They will also not be approved in future Sportive's until they do volunteer.

The List of 2017 & 2018 Volunteers (who volunteered during the day on Friday and/or Saturday) are shown below. If you had volunteered and your name is missing, please contact the Sportive Volunteer Organisers via the Webmail at the bottom of this page.

Please note Friday evening help (which lasts usually just an hour) does not qualify for a Sportive free place.


Sportive Organisers



2017 Volunteers   2018 Volunteers
Alan Shields   Alain Aitken
Alison Kennedy   Alan Shields
Andrew Nisbet   Alison Taylor
Anne White   Andy  Kilgour
Anne Wilson   Carol Herd
Carol Herd   Carolanne Cappie
Chris Myerscough   Christopher Conlon
Christian Darbyshire   Colin Farrell
Darran King   Craig Johnston
David Haining   Dave McBride
Douglas Sharp   Dave-Jo Chaplin
Duncan Campbell   David Haining
Erik Lornie   Dorothy Finlay
Ewan Findlay   Duncan Campbell
Ewan Wilkie   Eric Lornie
Fiona Dodds   Ewan Wilkie
Fiona Stewart   Frank Chalmers
Fran Teirney   Gary Kerr
Frank Chalmers   Gordon Stewart
Gemma  Sanderson   Graham Mason
Gordon Stewart   Graham Millar
Graham Millar   Graham Sorbie
Hamish MacKinnon   Grant Young
Isabel Carmichael   Greg Drumm
James White   Hazel Golda
Janet Simpson   Iain Riddell
Jesme Fenton   Iain Whyte
John Paul Foster   Jane Timperley
Julie MacDonald   Jeff Wall
Keiron Toole   Kathryn Baker
Kelly Wall   Kim Kilgour
kirsty Ellis   Kirsteen Ellis
Lynne Pattison   Margaret Shearer
Margaret Storm   Margaret Thomson
Mel Porter   Margaret Whyte
Moira Learmouth   Neil Robertson 
Morris Butchart   Paul Doleman
Nam Baron   Paul Maddocks
Neil Curr   Paul Zarb
Paul Archer   Peter Finlay
Robyn ranford   Ravinder Sangha
Roddy  Pattison   Sandy Bennet
Stephen Nairn   Sarah Hall
Sarah Wall   Scott Waller
Stewart  Herd   Silke Rehman
Stewart Wilson   Stephen Heneghan
Stuart McElroy   Stephen Nairn
Trevor Keer   Stewart Wilson
Veronica Duncan   Tim Patterson
    Vanessa Mounsey
    Veronica Aird
    Wayne Roberts



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