Below is the list of Lead Organisers for our Saturday Rides which are open to KCC Members Only.

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Date Saturday Club Runs
 22-01-2022  Bruce Moffet
 05-02-2022  Tony Crombie
 12-02-2022  Cancelled due to weather
 19-02-2022  Pete Finlay  CC / Gravel / MTB Club ride
 20-02-2022  Off road (CX / MTB) Training at Lochore Meadows, with Martin
 26-02-2022  Tony Crombie  
 05-03-2022  Bruce Moffet 
 12-03-2022   Paul Zarb 
 19-03-2022   Kirsteen Ross
 26-03-2022   Hazel Golda 
 02-04-2022  Tony Crombie
 09-04-2022   Paul Zarb 
 16-04-2022   Kathryn Baker
 23-04-2022   Tim Payne (Social Run )   Paul Zarb (Bun Run)
 01-05-2022  No Club Rides... Sportive Kinross day


Date Saturday Social Runs Saturday Bun Runs
 07-05-2022  Greg Ness  Hazel Golda 
 14-05-2022  Jane Timperley & Kathryn  Paul Zarb 
 21-05-2022  Neil Curr (from Perth)  Rachel Payne
 28-05-2022  Paul Zarb  Greig Ness
 04-06-2022  Paul Zarb (Jubilee Run)  No Bun
 11-06-2022  Neil Curr  Andy Craig
 18-06-2022  Kathryn Baker  Tony Crombie
 25-06-2022  Tony Crombie  Dorothy Finlay
 02-07-2022  Andy Craig  Pete Finlay
 09-07-2022  Kirsteen Ross  Dorothy Finlay
 16-07-2022  Tony Crombie  Greig Ness
 23-07-2022  Tony Crombie  Andy Craig
 30-07-2022  Neil Curr  Tony Crombie
 06-08-2022  Dorothy & Pete Finlay  Andy Craig
 13-08-2022  Paul Zarb  Kirsteen Ross
 20-08-2022  Neil Curr  
 27-08-2022  Jane Timperley  





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